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Outdoor Coin/IC Card Payphone


Outdoor Coin/IC Card Payphone


The outdoor wall-mounted PSTN payphone GRIPS-T8 supports payment by coin, prepaid IC card and account card, applicable to diverse places such as mountainous areas, islands, steamships, trains and construction sites.
With our versatile Payphone Management System (PMS), the operator can manage payphones remotely and efficiently.


Make calls using coins, prepaid IC cards or account cards
Dial preset toll-free emergency numbers
Function keys for successive call, redial, volume regulation and language selection
Real-time display of conversation duration and charge
Convenient operation with rich prompt tones and textual messages
6-language switching display
For incoming calls, enable/disable billing, limit conversation duration and prohibit calls
Dot-matrix LCD for rolling display of textual and graphic advertisements
Self-diagnosis and fault prompt
Configurable call rate
Support auto-switching of backup rate


Recognize up to 15 denominations
Low-consumption design, no external power required
Modular design and appropriate layout for convenient maintenance
Robust metal casing and anti-vandalism parts
Support optimized coin acceptance to guarantee users’ interests
Closed coin box, auto-lock function for safe coin collection
Support update of software and parameters via PMS or a loading card


Configure control parameters; download rate, prompt messages, card groups, advertisements and programs
Receive CDR (call detail record), coin box data, fault alarms and restoration messages
Enquire service reports (CDR, business income, fault rate, payphone quantity and operation parameters)

Monitor payphone operation




128X64 dot-matrix, 4-row backlit display

Card reader module

Supported cards

Magnetic stripe card/ RFID card/ IC card

Card reader lifespan

>500,000 operations


Identification capacity

15 denominations

Coin tray capacity

7 pcs

Coin size

Diameter: 16 mm~31 mm

Thickness: 1.2 mm~3.2 mm

Coin box capacity

2L (800 coins~1000 coins)

Power supply

Power supply mode

From telephone line

Operating current

≥18 mA

Electrical indexes

Transmission characteristics

Sending Loudness Rating (SLR): 7 dB~15 dB

Receiving Loudness Rating (RLR): -6 dB~-1 dB

Side Tone Masking Rating (STMR): ≥7 dB

DTMF level

HF group: -7 dBm±3 dBm

LF group: -9 dBm±3 dBm

Ring characteristics

Launching sensitivity: ≤100 mVA

Frequency: 16 Hz~68 Hz

Voltage: 30 VPMS~120 VPMS

Sound level: ≥70 dB(A)

Supported billing signals

Antipodal/ 16kHz/ manual billing

Operating environment






Casing material

Powder-coated SECC

Front-panel material

Die-casting aluminium

Tensile strength of handset cord

≥150 kg

Hook switch lifespan

>500,000 operations

Key lifespan

>1,000,000 operations

Product dimension

(L x W x H)

653 mmx310 mmx205 mm

Package dimension

(L x W x H)

795 mmx385 mmx245 mm

Net weight

26.5 kg

Gross weight

28 kg