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Outdoor Card Payphone


The T521 is an outdoor wall-mounted payphone with PSTN access, supporting card payment. 


The T521 is an outdoor wall-mounted payphone with PSTN access, supporting card payment. Designed with a metal casing and anti-vandalism parts for high performance, it is applicable to airports, scenic spots, streets, schools, factories and armies, etc.
In addition, the multi-functional Payphone Management System (PMS) realizes remote monitoring and maintenance of payphones, reducing operation cost.


  • Make calls using magnetic stripe cards, prepaid IC cards, account cards, RFID cards and bank cards
  • Dial preset toll-free emergency numbers
  • Function keys for successive call, redial, volume regulation and language selection
  • Real-time display of conversation duration and charge
  • Convenient operation with rich prompt tones and text messages
  • 6-language switching display
  • For incoming calls, enable/disable billing, limit conversation duration and prohibit calls
  • Dot-matrix LCD for rolling display of textual and graphic advertisements
  • Self-diagnosis and fault prompt
  • Configurable call rate
  • Support auto-switching of backup call rate


  • Low-consumption design, no external power required
  • Modular design and appropriate layout for convenient maintenance
  • Robust metal casing and anti-vandalism parts
  • Support update of software and parameters via PMS or a loading card


  • Configure control parameters, download rate, prompt messages, card groups, advertisements and programs
  • Receive CDR (call detail record), fault alarms and restoration messages
  • Enquire service reports (CDR, business income, fault rate, payphone quantity and operation parameters)
  • Monitor payphone operation




128X64 dot-matrix, 4-row backlit display

Card reader module

Supported card types

Magnetic stripe card/ RFID card/ IC card

Card reader lifespan

>500,000 operations

Power supply

Power supply mode

By telephone line

Operating current      

≥18 mA

Electrical indexes

Transmission characteristics

Sending Loudness Rating (SLR): 5 dB~15 dB

Receiving Loudness Rating (RLR): -7 dB~2 dB

Side Tone Masking Rating (STMR): ≥6 dB

DTMF level

HF group: -7 dBm±3 dBm

LF group: -9 dBm±3 dBm

Ring characteristics

Trigger sensitivity: ≤100 mVA

Frequency: 16 Hz~68 Hz

Voltage: 30 VPMS~120 VPMS

Sound level: ≥70 dB(A)

Supported billing signals

Antipodal/ 12kHz (or 16kHz)/ manual billing

Operating environment






Casing material

Powder-coated SECC

Tensile strength of handset cord

≥150 kg

Hook switch lifespan

>500,000 operations

Key lifespan

>1,000,000 operations

Product dimension

(L x W x H)

300 mmx250 mmx130 mm

Package dimension

(L x W x H)

450 mmx320 mmx190 mm

Net weight

6.1 kg

Gross weight

6.9 kg