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SIM Card Payphone Solution

date: 2014-07-08

Problems Faced by Operators

Communication is becoming more & more important than ever before and the demand is still increasing. However, there are over 1.5 billion people in the world who can’t afford mobile phones, and in fact it is unnecessary for them to buy mobile phones just for several times of communications.
So, operators may have the following problems:
How to meet the communication demand of these customers with low income?
How to provide services to customers without coins or smart cards for mobile operators?
How to increase subscribers and turn potential subscribers into their real ones?
How to foster the customers’ loyalty?
How to improve the current mobile services?
How to help operators to increase revenue and get more profits?

What We Can Help

Guanri understands the customers’ demand. As a solution provider, we possess capabilities to help operators to find a new & easy way to solve all above problems.
Guanri SIM card payphone solution is a rapid, easy, cost-effective way to increase operators’ revenue & profit as well as meet the customers’ demand on communications. This solution provides operators with an opportunity to transform & extend their business.

Everyone is able to communicate anywhere at anytime.

About SIM Card Payphone Solution

Operation Modes: SIM card payphones can be configured to work stand-alone or to be managed by a remote payphone system in a centralized way according to operators’ demand.
In the stand-alone mode, it is not necessary to insert a SIM card into the payphone.
In the centralized management mode, a SIM card, which is used to enable the payphone to communicate with RMS, is required to put into the payphone It is easy for operators to control and manage these payphones.
Supporting the solar-powered system and backup battery, the SIM card payphone can be used in some mountain areas.
Application: It is no need for operators to issue smart IC cards, which is very complex and requires approval of the international institution. The end user just needs to buy a prepaid SIM card and then he can get many services with the card on the terminal.

Topology: The Following is a sample of 10,000 payphones. We can tailor the topology as required by operators.

Services to End Users

  • Make an emergency call without a SIM card.
  • Make a local/mobile/national/international call from keypad or SIM phonebook.
  • Receive a call in toll or free mode.
  • Read short messages from SIM card.
  • Write & send short messages.
  • Full access to SIM phonebook and add/delete/modify/search SIM phonebook
  • Receive & access the voicemail.
  • Value-added services such as weather broadcast, train schedule enquiries, etc

Workflow Illustration

Make a call Send a SMS



Solution Advantages

Benefits to operators

Benefits to end users

Small investment, quick deployment

Provide various services.

Easy to expand in future

Enable users to experience value-added services.

Unnecessary to issue IC cards, which is complex and needs to be approved by a institution

Simple to use

Value-added services to increase the revenue

Support the local language

Easy to manage and control all terminals with RMS

Message & prompt to indicate usage

Reports help you know all information and make market decisions.

Enable users to use a permanent and unique mobile number to make calls with payphones.

Operate RMS and view reports through Internet.

Protect users’ privacy.

Customized color & logo for brand promotion

Application Location

Communities, airport/train/bus stations, campuses, villages, jails, rural areas, mountain areas, etc.

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